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 Charlotte Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event

March 21, 2015

10 am - 4 pm

5700 Westpark Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28217


America's Gluten Free Voice
Featured Speaker from SIMPLY GLUTEN FREE Magazine
 "Embracing the Gluten Free Lifestyle" 
Gluten Free TV Chef - Daytime TV - Nationally syndicated (NBC) in 3rd season, 
Founder & Editor in Chief of SIMPLY GLUTEN FREE magazine, 

Cookbook Author, GF Blogger since 2007, food writer published in over 100 newspapers in America

Rebekah Corley, PA-C 
"Celiac and a Gluten Sensitivity: no time like the present"
Rebekah will discuss how there's no better time to be diagnosed than the present. The majority of Celiacs have not yet been diagnosed and we need to find and treat them. Rachel will also talk about how it's the best time in history to have Celiac because although it can be painful and limiting, there are more gluten free options and better labeling than ever before, making it easier to live gluten free!

Raquel Durban

Raquel Durban, MS, RD, LDN is the director of the Food Allergy Institute of Charlotte, specializing in nutrition related to immediate and delayed food allergies. Additionally, she is a member of the eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders and adverse reactions to foods committee for the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology (AAAAI), and a medical advisor for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team and Parents of Allergic Kids Charlotte. To further the role of dietitians, Raquel hosts a clinic site for dietetic interns and created a Facebook support group for regional patients with eosinophilic disorders.
To contact Raquel, please call the Food Allergy Institute of Charlotte at 704-341-9600

Dr. Akiba Green is widely recognized as a leader in the non-drug treatment of chronic and autoimmune conditions in the Charlotte region.  His clinic, Lake Norman Health and Wellness, is the only health clinic in the Charlotte region that combines Functional Medicine, Brain Based Neurological Therapy or Functional Neurology and Advanced Metabolic Testing for Chronic Conditions under one roof.  Lake Norman Health & Wellness takes the physical medicine of chiropractic care and couples it with the most cutting edge knowledge of functional neurology, clinical nutrition and integrative medicine. 

Dr. Green is board certified in Integrative Medicine, fellowship trained in Integrative Cancer Therapy, board eligible as a Clinical Nutritionist and ensures that his clinics have always been on the cutting edge of the health care industry. Currently, he devotes his practice to treating chronic pain and metabolic disorders.

Recognizing that healing comes in many different forms, pharmacist Dr. Nick, created The Healing Arts Club as a type of “insurance” for better health. Dr. Nick is a North Carolina native and devoted his Doctoral studies in pharmacy learning how to unite traditional medicine with complementary and alternative healing practices. During his professional training, he noticed a growing curiosity in the healing arts amongst his patients and decided to investigate for himself. Dr. Nick was compelled to merge his background with his passion to fulfill the need for affordable, holistic healthcare. And so the Healing Arts Club ( was born.

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As an adult with health issues, Tiffany learned she was gluten and lactose intolerant. This turned her life upside down. Not knowing where to start she found pre-made gluten free items overpriced and she still wanted to eat family favorites. Experimenting in the kitchen began with research and practice. Tiffany can now turn any desirable recipe into gluten and dairy free, without sacrificing the taste. 

Tiffany started blogging in June of 2010, while going through treatments for infertility. Like many others; she struggled to talk about her experience, leading to an online journal for sharing emotions and heart. Following the birth of her first child she
began to share gluten free substitutes for her favorite family recipes on her After three children in just three years, gluten free cooking has become a necessity. Discovering she was not alone in the challenge to feed a gluten free family, opened the path to writing Gluten Free Mom Certified. She creates and shares GF recipes each week on her blog to help GF mothers meet the challenge of GF cooking.

Jennifer Cuevas

The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet supports delicious eating that is gluten, grain, soy, and poultry free. Jen Cuevas experienced her own journey to wellness by eating this way, and desires to share the message that life can still be delicious!
Just a few short years ago, Jen was ill with a multitude of issues (although not typical “Celiac” symptoms), including high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, sudden weight gain [over 60 pounds], Hashimoto’s, and arthritis (read more of her story here). After more than seven frustrating visits with various doctors, she finally learned about her gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease. In becoming well, she found that life without gluten was really great from a health perspective, but affected everything else that had a social factor.

In the time since her diagnosis, Jen has spent a lot of time learning. She was treated by Dr. Glen Aukerman (author: Better Health in 120 days) and attended all of his classes to understand the medical aspect of how various foods affect gluten sensitivity. After further health issues inspired her to do more research, Jen went completely grain and soy free in 2012, and became a certified coach under the direction of Gluten Free Society. She uses her own health journey to coach and inspire others to consider dietary changes as a way to achieve optimum health. In 2013 she established a support group, and found that food availability continued to be the biggest barrier to success. She began developing food products that support a grain-free, soy-free and even dairy-free lifestyle; many items are allergy-friendly and are free of refined sugars. She also offers allergen-free Communion to churches, raising awareness about the effects of gluten exposure.

Lisa Stimmer is the author of the books Gluten-Free Vitality Diet™ and Eating for Vitality Diet™. Her online programs and provide step-by-step video training, along with meal planning ideas, shopping lists, recipes, and great tools and resources that make it really easy to maintain a healthy gluten-free lifestyle with confidence. Lisa’s “Just Because You’re Eating Gluten-Free, Doesn't Mean You’re Eating Healthy” presentation teaches you the basics of Eating for Vitality and how you can have more energy, mental clarity, weight loss, and overall optimal health. Lisa is a Certified Gluten Practitioner, Natural Gourmet Chef and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

Jane Axhoj is a 16-year-old junior with gluten intolerance at Marvin Ridge High School in Waxhaw NC. Jane loves music and has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She attended the Rockettes Summer Intensive in 2012 and 2014 and loved it so much she plans to audition for the Rockettes when she is 18 years old. As an advocate for health and fitness, Jane is a certified Zumba instructor and is teaching at the local YMCA. Jane is thrilled to have the opportunity to be Miss NC Teen USA 2015. This is an exciting chapter in her life and she plans to reach out to as many teens as she can through this role to encourage them to realize their self worth and potential. Jane is proud to represent NC at the Miss Teen USA pageant which will be held in the fall of 2015.

Desere Anderson

Desere is the office manager and Co-Director of Girls Camp and Young Boys Camp at Turtle Island Preserve - Appalachian heritage farm and nonprofit outdoor education center featured on History Channel "Mountain Men". She brings 10 years of experience as an outdoor educator and has worked at various camps and educational institutions throughout the nation. She has a wide and adventurous background, in travel, art, woodworking, science education and outdoor, off-grid living and cooking. Desere has adapted a gluten-free lifestyle, all while cooking and teaching others the craft - exclusively over wood fire in an outdoor kitchen since 2006. She received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and an Associates in Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Jenna Drew has been active in Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Awareness since 2007, her most prominent event was the first annual Celiac Awareness Night with the Pittsburgh Pirates. She officially was introduced to Celiac Disease in 2007 as her mother underwent a very slow and painful diagnosis. After having a gene panel test, Jenna was surprised to learn that she inherited the gene for both Celiac Disease and Lymphoma. She began following a strict gluten free diet in 2009 after her Celiac Disease diagnosis and symptoms of needing a gluten free diet became severe through rapid weight loss, unbearable migraines and more.

Susan Eckley Ruch
Executive Director and Founding Partner ID Life

Susan is a strong advocate of Celiac Disease as she has family and friends with this condition. She, herself, has an autoimmune disease and understands the issues of nutritional deficiencies, malabsorption issues of nutrients (B12, Vitamin D, C, Iron) gluten intolerance and cross contamination issues.

All IDLife Products are Organic, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, GMO-Free,

CaseinFree and Natural. IDLife’s core product is customized, pharmaceutical grade nutrition, specifically designed for you and delivered to your body at the right dose, at the right time of the day) for maximum absorption. We are all unique and your nutrition should be too.

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Passionately committed to the Integration of Mental Health, Weight Mgmt, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition/Interventions. Tiffany is a trail blazer in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Food Addiction, Mood Disorders, Adult ADD and Resistant Weight Loss, using Food as Medicine in the Charlotte region. Her practice, F4L Integrative Therapy is one of few in the Charlotte region that combines Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, CBT Mental Health Therapy and Functional Testing for mental and physical struggles under one roof. F4L Integrative Therapy and Fit 4 Life Zone Training merge, to allow clients access to Mental Health, Functional Testing and Nutrition, but also, appropriate Fitness training for their unique physical challenges. A typical client seeks out Tiffany, as a result of being out of options, and feeling unwell. Many times their mental/ emotional and weight struggles, are actually symptoms of food intolerance, and internal stressors.

Tiffany Brown-Bush MS, LPC, FDN is a NC Licensed Professional Counselor, NC Dietetic Board Approved Nutrition Counselor, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, and to qualify her education, is pursuing certifications as an Eating Disorder Specialist and Naturopathic Doctor (Traditional). Currently, she devotes her practice to treating Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Weight Loss.


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