The planning team for the 2011 Charlotte Gluten Free Expo are hard at work getting all the details for the next event which is slated for April 30th, 2011!
Dr. Alessio Fasano was the driving force for us waiting on date selection because we wanted to make sure we could have his presence here in Charlotte for the gluten free community. His work has catapulted the medical profession's better understanding of celiac disease and has further enabled the medical community to grasp new ways of detecting celiac disease and other auto-immune related disorders. We are proud to bring him to our city in hopes we can further help Dr. Fasano in educating the public and our medical professionals.
In the coming weeks, keep checking in to receive new updates on other speakers and happenings planned as well as REGISTRATION LINKS FOR TICKETS for the Charlotte Gluten Free Expo 2011!
Thank you,
The Charlotte Gluten Free Expo Team